Bordeaux Wine Castle for Rent

Many years ago Castle Lagorce was known as the “Yqemm of the other side of the river”, as its Barsac vines produced great sweet white wines. Unfortunatly since the vines and chateau were separated in 2001 the sweet white wine production was ceased, but Chateau Peneau still produce good quality Chateau Lagorce wines (click the link to visit their site), so it is possible to rent YOUR Castle for a week and sit on YOUR terrace drinking YOUR wine!!! Or perhaps dine in the Louis XIV dining room and sip a little Chateau Lagorce Cuvee Prestige.

Chateau Lagorce wines are good quality reasonably priced wines, but if you are wanting to taste a higher end wine eg St Emilion or Pomerol then I (Edward) can help you source any wines you are looking for during your stay as I’m a Bordeaux Wine Specialist (again follow the link to read a little more about me!).

At the end of the day you can not go wrong with whatever Bordeaux wine you choose to accompany your evening watching the sun set from the top terrace at Castle Lagorce.

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